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Automobiles are one of the greatest inventions by humankind. Try and imagine a world without them! We know you can’t because they make our lives easier in many ways! Whether we own a motorbike or a homegrownsmall segment car or an awe-inspiring convertible, we all are proud owner of our rides.

This pride and passion for the wheels inspired us to come up with the concept of Motoring Street. We are a team of experts and trained staff that makes sure that you get more than you have bargained for. Our car detailing, car washing and bike detailing is not the same you experience at other service stations and we don’t just rejuvenate your bike and car and give them the care they deserve, but there is more to experience at Motoring Street!


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It is related to a vehicle, to which both deep cleaning as well as re-conditioning in the interior and the exterior parts is to be done. It is a systematic approach which helps to restore the beauty of the car, and at the same time it will even act as a protection to your big investment. The detailing service is offered to cars, and even to SUVs, trucks, RVs, buses, motor bikes, boats and planes.

The most important thing which is considered under the detailing service is to protect certain elements of the vehicle. Most of the people have a misconception in their minds that the clear coat of the vehicle will protect the finish of the car, and so there is no need of any regular maintenance. Well, the truth is that it is wax coat which is a paint applied on the vehicle to protect from oxidation and from contaminants. However, there are some reputable dealers who help in offering additional protection to the vehicle during purchase itself. Still, it should not be regarded as any permanent solution.

It is a process that is followed by the washing step while cleaning or servicing. The paint contamination when done will stick several elements on the surface of the vehicle, they include ferrous particles, brake dust, adhesives, chemical compounds, road salt, acid rain, rail dust, road tar, bugs, bird droppings, overspray or paint, water spots, tree sap and leaves and lots more. These elements can penetrate into the paint with time and spoil the coat, which can lead to degradation of the surface quality. However, with decontamination process, one will not face any issue.

Car comes into a luxury zone which everyone like to have it. However, after purchasing the car and owning it, we forget to maintain the vehicle. Here comes the need of auto detailing service, which brings back the new look to the car. If there are any scratches, paint and marks on the car, then the detailing service will help in getting rid of these elements.

In addition to this, if you wish that your vehicle is noticed in the parking space, then make sure to give it to detailing service regularly as they will paint and do everything to the car that it will outshine others. And no matter what the weather is, whether it is sun shine or rainy, the detailing will protect your vehicle in every way. Not many of them know that even interiors of the vehicle can get contaminated, and detailing will set you free from that as well.

Basically, it offers a complete protective service, right from removing the contaminants that can spoil the leather, paint, vinyl, chrome and more to the sealing services wherever required, the detailing will do everything. It even offers protection against any kind of environment issues with respect to road salt, acid rain, UV rays, tree sap and more. Finally, detailing helps to increase the resale value of the car and will offer a sense of positivity to the owner.


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